Wednesday, October 8, 2014

STOMP Out Bullying with these Bs!

When I visit schools I talk to students and hand out flyers that discuss ways to stop bullying. Since October is the time when schools emphasize bullying, I thought I'd post the six Bs I'll be sharing with students this week.

BE who you ARE!

The BRAVEST thing you can do might be to get help.

Remember, bullies have BACKGROUNDS. (Bullies aren't born, they become.)

BAND together. There is safety in numbers.

Never, ever BE A bully!

Remember, if you're being bullied, there is HELP! Call 1-850-790-HELP. No one deserves to bullied!

And here's a random picture of my littles in wigs to make you smile and remember that it's safer to stick together!

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